are you one who does all the shopping, decorating, wrapping, cooking, giving, cleaning, entertaining, hosting, and also working to pay for all of the above. well yea, who can fit exercise in with all of that????? not to mention feed and cloth the husband and kids and get them to their various commitments. wish we all had an extra hour 3 times a week just waiting for us to exercise without any interruptions. fortunately there are some steps you can take to not only exercise during the holidays but remain healthy.

schedule  exercise sessions during the holidays so that you will have that hour just waiting for you. see that session as a commitment that can not be broken or substituted. 

on weeks that you just can’t get 4 exercise sessions to yourself know that 2 times per week is maintenance and shoot for a minimum of two.  3 times a week on a consistent basis exercising within your target heart rate range is going to provide you with opportunity to achieve your goals.  you can of course exercise more, but remember you can also overdo which leads to stress and injury.  during the holidays map out your realistic exercise sessions and compliment those with appropriate caloric intake and you will have a great opportunity to continue reaching your goals along with that great inner feeling of confidence in your level of integrity with eating and exercise during the holidays——YOU WILL BE PROUD OF YOURSELF—-