try a mini-trampoline. i have been “rebounding” for a few years and enjoy not only the benefits but getting to watch a favorite t.v. show at the same time—–
benefits include increases lung capacity, stimulates lymphatic system, improves balance, strengthens bone/joints, and of course weight loss, among others.  i would encourage you to give it a try. its a great low impact workout that can provide variety and success for your workout goals.

check out the info on the following website.  interesting read on the lymphatic system, etc.  let me know what you think.

and, if your interested in purchasing a mini-trampoline check out:

i have purchased the 370 series and will let you know what i think.  there is a fun youtube video of their mini-tramp.  go to and search the words “bounciest mini-trampoline ever” to see video of a lady who really likes hers.