think: “whatever i put into my body or on it should be as close to natural as possible”.  reality—impossible!!!  our bodies were made to handle toxins occasionally but not ALL THE TIME. seems today everything we eat, drink, wipe on our bodies or use in the shower has a growing list of chemicals on the side of the bottle. it’s a fun game to avoid as many chemicals/toxins/preservatives as possible. we are taught to shop the perimeters of the grocery store, to buy organic, to buy products with ingredients that we can pronounce and define, and of course to shop green. whew, i’m exhausted—-it is a job and once you learn just one thing, that company goes out of business or some change occurs. so, we constantly have to remain “on the lookout” for what is best and what company we can trust. anyone have a bottle of shampoo from the 60’s—is sodium laureate sulfate in it???? how many of you drank cokes everyday in the 60’s or even 70’s? today in our country we drink three or four or more a day. when i was little girl a coke once in a while was a treat. small changes can go a long, long way. change your shampoo, avoid cokes at all cost or atleast until pizza night, and can anyone help me find a perfume that is healthy and smells wonderful—not so natural that i attract bees instead of my husband. i have learned lots and lots about “going natural” that i would be happy to share with you. Jordan Rubin has much to tell in his books, dvds, etc. He has wonderful testimony to the Lord for preserving his life through basic good foods. i have discovered lots of good organic products through a company named Miessence. see my website at  HAVE A NATURALLY HEALTHY DAY!!!