walking is referred to some as the easiest of workouts and to some as the workout in which anyone who can walk can do.  i believe being called the easiest is only relative to what the comparison is–say,  “chopping wood”.  actually walking is one of the best workouts.  it does take longer to burn same amount of calories as more intense workouts; hence the reason many choose running over walking.  but, it is effective and typically safe.  feet, posture, breathing, arm movements are among considerations with walking; things a good trainer can quickly teach.  a good walking stick may be found helpful and motivating.  some people find a sturdy limb, or a  pole(trek poles) very helpful.  clothes that let your skin breathe are highly recommended.  ipods and any listening device while very entertaining and motivational might distract you from danger so be aware of what you can and cannot hear while they are in use.  always drink water before, during and after your walking workout.  include a warm-up preparing your body for your walk and followed by a thorough stretching routine(IMPORTANT AS THE WALK ITSELF).  if you would like to add some strength training, a good fit is between the walk and the stretching routine.   timing of your walking workout could look something like:  warm-up 3-5 minutes with a walk increasing in speed,  walk  40-90 minutes,  strength train 15 minutes and stretch 8-10 minutes.  power walking can have as high or even higher risk of injury as running; consider your individual need when selecting between stroll to higher intensities of walking, each having their own merits. some afternoons when i’m so sleepy a short stroll is the best medicine for waking me up and allowing me to be more productive, plus motivating me to participate in a great workout later.  a short or long stroll is also highly effective for breaks during long-term sitting, such as traveling.  strolls are great for beginners with contraindications to consider  and, they are great for recovery from any lengthy cessation of exercise.  when physically ready and prepared, high intensity walking, power walking or jogging is a great addition to your walk.  i enjoy walking but i don’t enjoy the same route each day.  so, i find a variety of routes and walking partners to be very motivational for me to get out and “take a walk”.