forget brand, looks, fads, what your bff is wearing, advertisements, $$$$ and think “the fewer things that get in the way of the foot doing what it needs to do, the better”(a. williams, ma,  IDEA, sept 10) 

sometimes the most expensive and touted “best” shoe is the worse for your foot.   a few recommendations include:   proper fit, best to try on potential shoe in evening when foot is largest, buy shoes specific to the activity, maintain good posture and replace shoes every 6 months.

different types of feet need different types of shoes—-normal arches, overpronaters, flat feet— all need a different type of shoe.  runners are now being told that  thinner sole and less padding is best allowing the foot to do the natural work its made to do.

barefoot walking/running????   our feet are made to walk and run, not necessarily in shoes.  we’ve trained them to depend on shoes but continue to battle the dilemmas between shoes and feet.  if you want to walk or run barefoot, take it slow and re-train your feet.  natural ground can be better than man-made surfaces but consider the safety.  talk to your podiatrist and read respected professionals on this subject before you take off.  there is much interesting info out there that any qualified trainer is more than happy to share with you.