should i wear make up while working out?  “if you want to”,  and you can quote me on that—   but, my personal preference is without because of that “s” word—SWEAT.   when we workout our body temp rises causing “s” causing a healthy glow on our faces and added color, some more than others.  so for looks exercising enhances that pretty face of yours in a way that makeup can’t.  but also, exercise gets rid of toxins through “s”  allowing my skin to cleanse without any interruptions from makeup.  plus,  it’s a great hour or so   we’ve not applied any chemicals to our skin and allowed “s” to flush out those already there.  

a friend introduced me to Jojoba oil, which i have enjoyed using this summer.  it has multiple uses, but overall great natural moisturizer.  check it out, can be found at whole foods in 4 oz bottle at decent price and it goes a long way.