WHAT to do when you are working out is up to you.  you should include cardio, strength and flexibility exercises whether they are categorized into zumba, yoga, Pilates, boot camps, Body Pump,inc. or any other popular or unpopular named workout.  what you should do is what safely and effectively works for you!  some like variety and some like routine—-whatever works safely and effectively for you!  some like groups/classes and others like the class of one—-whatever works safely and effectively for you.

WHEN to workout is also a personal preference although frequency of exercise is critical to a safe and effective plan.  also, frequency  can be a motivational tactic.  i recommend working out 2x per week for maintenance,  3-4x per week for improvements and 5x per week(or more) for those who are in training or feel a day without leads to two days without and so on- – overtraining/overexercising is also a path to defeat, injury and/or quitting till a few pounds/years  later.

WHERE to workout is also a personal preference but don’t neglect the safe and effective potential or lack of.  do you best adhere to exercise in a class or by yourself?  do you like to be outside or inside? do you like routine or variety? 

HOW to workout depends on how much money is safe and effective for you to spend—–gyms and classes are great. home alone without any equipment is doable but sometimes limiting.  a minimum investment of a resistance ball and few hand weights works well, plus a good movie, t.v. show or a great trainer—-

BUT, the BEST WORKOUT IS THE ONE YOU WILL DO—-and of course the one that is safe and effective for you!