we walked the 2014 tulsa run Monday, Oct 27 2014 

IMG_0469the 2014 tulsa run was unusually hot for October, a different path than in past, much more hilly, rewarding, frustrating, tiring, and invigorating. job well done tulsa!!! i walked with 3 friends. we didnt specifically train for this event. (actually those who are trained runners might find walking uncomfortable. hence, specificity of training.) i walk often, and i should walk more because i can. we should all walk minimum of 5 miles a day because we can. we were made to walk. you dont really have to train to walk, just walk(but i do recommend stretching and i wouldn’t recommend heading out on 15K race without some previous, consistent, long distant walking). maybe your form isnt correct, maybe your arms are too tight, hands too clinched, gait to short, chest to tight, hams too tight, hips too locked, feet turned in or out with each step, inhaling through mouth instead of nose, holding head in front of body instead of over shoulders. whew, there is a lot to think about when executing proper walking mechanics. but one thing so cool about walking is you dont have to think about all those things (and there are more). you only need to walk, and to walk and to walk and to walk. over time consistent walking itself will strengthen your body in many ways that some things somewhat correct themselves.(http://newsatjama.jama.com/2014/06/12/taking-steps-to-curb-limitations-from-knee-arthritis/) the one thing WE need to do is discipline ourselves to walk more and more and more(two things, stretch). begin at your pace, and walk a little more each day. if you are motivated by goals set realistic goals. if not, then just walk.

tulsa did great job with this run. obviously there were lots of people running. im certain there were lots of runners curious, especially in the beginning of the race, with lots of people who were already walking(me and my friends). although, our walking pace was not a stroll and actually a pace some joggers were keeping up with we were not speed walkers as that would require extensive training. we, or i should type for myself, i am a walker. i love walking. i like that we have a mode of transportation that almost every human can do without much thought. my hope is that you and i would begin to intentionally walk more, causing our cities to add more sidewalks, or grassy paths, or something so walking can easily become more an accepted part of our daily lives without really having to think much about it.

events like the tulsa run are for anyone who wants to participate. if you are a runner its doable with commitment of training. if you are a walker its doable with commitment of walking. if you would like to train for either the 2015 tulsa run or to walk it i would be happy to work with you. its a great event in a great city. to end let me share another 2014 tulsa run difference and great dissappointment. at the end of the race there were no quick trip chocolate candy bars, and this year i was hoping for a bite of good, dark chocolate:)

FIT TIP: want to lower your blood pressue?? Thursday, Oct 9 2014 

fit tip: want to lower your blood pressure? train your alignment(ears over shoulders over hips over knees over heels), walk 30 minutes a day(with arms by sides palms facing in), incorporate low to moderate strength training and stretch, stretch, stretch. oh, and breathe—-NO HOLDING YOUR BREATH while doing anything.

get on the ground, or floor Thursday, Sep 4 2014 

“i am too old to get on the floor”. is it because we are too old, or because we haven’t lately….?

sit cross legged on the floor or ground and stretch your piriformis(pf) muscle. switch legs in cross legged floor position and continue the stretch. can’t—ummmm, sit on couch/chair and place one foot on top of other thigh. hold for several seconds and repeat on opposite side. can’t—-ummmmm, come see me and i will show you ways to work slowly and get you sitting on the floor again. we can continue to get down and up off the floor. not only can but our bodies were made to sit on floor. sitting on floor and getting up without use of hands is associated with longevity of life. plus it does things like improve pelvic floor length, improve balance, increase flexibility in needed areas, and aid increasing strength of muscles, associated with reduced fat and improve breathing capacity. we were made to sit on the ground but your floor will do….



(do not attempt this seated position at such great heights without much repeated practice of balance, stability and of course sitting on the ground or boulders.)

diet and exercise—joyce mccoy Wednesday, Jun 18 2014 


I would like to share with you the benefits of regular exercise combined with a sensible diet that I have enjoyed since January 2010.

All of my life I have struggled with my weight.  I was a yoyo dieter, I would lose 20 pounds then gain it back a short time later.  My doctor told me in 2008 I was on the verge of becoming a diabetic.  I had been previously diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2007.

Finally in 2009 I decided either I was going to be a diabetic, or maybe I should try to do something about it.  I joined Jenny Craig and had a slow but steady weight loss for the next three months.  Then I hit a plateau and the weight was going nowhere.  My counselor at Jenny Craig suggested I try exercising.  I was not thrilled with that idea at all.  I’m too busy, I don’t look good in exercise clothes, etc.  I had all kinds of excuses.  Then something in my head said to try for just a short time.

I joined a ladies’ gym in January 2009 and started using a personal trainer and I am still using the same personal trainer to this day!  I have now been able to see all of the benefits of combining the weight loss program with exercise.

I was able to make my goal weight about a year later.  Now that I have lost the weight and have managed to only gain about 5 pounds back, I just eat sensibly.  By continuing to exercise, it has been much easier to maintain my weight.  In addition, each year I get my results from blood work results are better.  The good cholesterol keeps going up and the bad goes down more.  The doctor also took me off the prediabetes list this year.

The most important part of exercising is having a trainer to help guide me and by having an appointment with her, I am more accountable.  If I did not have her, probably half the time I would find those old excuses not to go to the gym.

The neurologist says my balance is really good, too, since we do a lot of core work.   I am stronger now than I have ever been.

I am sharing this with you in the hopes it will help inspire someone else to keep exercising, too.

Thanks for letting me share.

Joyce McCoy

take a walk in the city Friday, Jun 13 2014 

Imagethis picture is my parents walking in New York City and enjoying “most” every moment. I am not allowed to tell you their ages, you will have to guess….but, i can tell you they have walked many miles over many years in many different terrains, temperatures and threads. In NYC last Sunday they walked from Times Square to Central Park, through it, to magnolia bakery(enjoyed delicious cheese cake) and then to 5th avenue and back to Times Square. And, it was a path of many detours. I’m guessing it was at least 6 miles, maybe 10. If you are familiar with that map let us know. I wish I had worn a pedometer, but trainers do take vacation…. We did stop a lot, we did rest as needed and we did take all day and we did drink water….hope New York water safe??? this day they continued on for 3 more days of adventure and discovery in NYC. They did take the subway a few times (and only rode a cab from and back to the airport), but the remainder of their transportation was their own feet.

Yesterday on the news we watched President George Bush skydiving on his 90th birthday. You also most likely know stories of those over 60 walking, running, swimming, climbing? What are your stories of a person over 60 who is walking, running, maybe even jumping? Maybe it is your own story! Those “walking” before us are continuing to pave many great steps for those who follow to step in.


A side note: My daddy wore a cap from USS Lexington which is naval ship he served on during Korean conflict. Throughout the trip it was amazing and inspirational to watch men, in their 20’s to seniors, stop him shake hands and share their stories of service. Also, because he was a vet, he and his family were given a free pass to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! A lot of big steps!!

FIT TIP: unplug and go for a walk Friday, Jun 13 2014 

fit tip:  “Overuse of electronic media elevates stress and reduces concentration and productivity(archer 2013. IDEA fitness journal).” Get outside, take a walk, take several without attachments…

calf stretch, simply the best! Wednesday, Apr 30 2014 

the best flexibility exercise could possibly be the calf stretch….it may even be the best overall exercise ever. there are different ways to stretch our calves. i like this one(found through aligned and well) and also like it barefoot. you can roll a towel, use a half dome or like a friend of mine use a small, concrete pig statue; something that doesn’t move under your foot. place top of foot on object, keep knees and hips over ankles. leave heel on ground as in picture. walk opposite foot even or slightly ahead of dome/towel/pig. you will know where to place opposite foot by the amount of stretch. repeat opposite leg.  give it a try several times a day and  be your own judge. let me know if you think it’s the best.  check out 5 simple ways to avoid back pain at http://www.katysays.com if want to read more about this stretch.


Straight feet, simply… Friday, Apr 4 2014 

and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed. (Hebrews 12:13 ESV)

Feet and straight paths……WOW, I want to says thanks to the One who not only created feet but uses them as a physical example that ‘aligns’ with a spiritual truth in His Word. Katy Bowman is a bio- mechanist who applies physiology in an applicable, understandable, and anatomically correct lifestyle. This lifestyle is functional and helpful to a person walking through his/her day(athletes included). She recommends aligning the outside of your feet on a straight line(basically). With this comes work in other areas for those with habitual misalignment but with feet aligned on “straight path” the ankle lines up under knees, under hips, under shoulders and therefore loads in the body are properly carried as muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, etc.etc can perform better because everything is in place. Sounds easy???…it does take practice “walking straight” everyday in both our spiritual and physical lives….we are not perfect but perfection we seek. Check out the end of hebrews 11 about being made perfect….

Ugh,oh….somebody needs to practice walking a straight path….sand, snow, powder on bottom of your feet to check out your path….Image

magnesium, a mineral we need Wednesday, Dec 18 2013 

Magnesium is a mineral that we get through our foods. Epsom salt baths provides magnesium sulfate which is used to soothe sprains, aches and stings..  Through our foods magnesium has many helpful properties. You can read about the following attributes of magnesium in the attached article.

Creates and maintains bone integrity, enables energy production, maintains nervous system balance, better control of inflammation and blood sugar.

After a good long hike, walk, run or daily activities enjoy a relaxing epsom salt bath.  you can find epsom salt at your pharmacy with wonderful fragrances such as lavender and peppermint. Pay attention to recommendations for existing health concerns.

“break” “fast”, breakfast and moving Tuesday, Dec 10 2013 

I am about to “break” my “fast” from this blog. Due to move and life I’ve not posted anything in a long while.  But, as I perused the content of this blog, although some posts several years old, all remains current especially the “stories” of those who have had great success with exercise and movement in their lives.  Be encouraged by these stories and send me yours–I would love to post yours. It too will encourage others to move.  Along with moving and life this past year I have spent quite bit of time reading about and studying movement, alignment, the foot, the shoulder and other body parts along with the sum of those parts. Now it’s time to “break” my “fast”. Fasting is an excellent method of regenerating, reviewing and renewing. While resting, a fast interestingly produces energy along with increasing motivation to move. Our nightly fast from eating while we are getting much-needed/required sleep is healthy. We “break” that “fast” with breakfast which has been touted as the most important meal of the day.  Maybe that’s because it really is or maybe it’s because the norm for breakfast is that breakfast typically consist of more real foods than other meals in our generation’s history, or maybe it’s a direct result of the fast.  I am not a nutritionist(as my simply fit clients tire of hearing), so these are my assumptions drawn from experience, observation and lots of nutritional information.  I love breakfast.  It’s a fast(ha), easy meal which is easy to consume real foods—-whole wheats, butter, eggs, grits(my husband’s fav), oatmeal–make it steel and  you’ve got whole grains, yogurt, fruits and those are just a few “normal” foods that we all have been familiar with before shopping at any natural food store became so popular. I enjoy natural food stores but I was advised by a reputable “real” nutritionist at our local natural food store that everything on the shelf there is not always real, or whole, or unrefined or unprocessed. So, she said continue to read labels, be informed and be selective when shopping where ever you choose to shop.  (I love that we live in a country where we have freedom to shop where we want to)  As 2014 begins if you are not a breakfast eater I would encourage you to “break” your “fast” from not eating breakfast and try an experiment for yourself. You might join my daughter and I in making healthy new year’s resolutions such as moving more and eating better.  Experiment with “breaking” your “fast” by eating breakfast with the purpose of establishing proof for breakfast being the most important meal in your day. You might also experiment with adding more movement to your day.  Next December it would be encouraging to hear and see your results from your experiments.  And I would love to work, i.e. “move” with you this year.  Make your year one of simply eating real foods and simply moving real muscles/bones–yours.

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